Random Musing

To be polite or not to be…

Ever since I left IDA, friends in the industry start telling me stuff they would never say it in my face previously. Was quite a shock initally as I will be in a defensive mode for IDA but after a couple of weeks, I got used to it and just smile and listen.

The comments arent always polite but it has a bit of truth. So while sharing some of these with a former colleague, he asked “Why don’t you send an email to Yeng Kit? You got CE’s email address right?”. “Are you crazy? I’ll be burning my own bridges!” I shot back.

To be fair, Yeng Kit is a very open person and I doubt he would take offense. Unfortunately, IDA is a very big organization and you never know who may take it the wrong way. You dont offend IDA if you wish to survive in this industry.

So I kept my mouth shut. Everything is fine as always…and none the wiser…

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