The Internet Is Broken

Got this article from Dewayne Hendricks:

At the same time, the Internet’s shortcomings have resulted in plunging security and a decreased ability to accommodate new technologies. “We are at an inflection point, a revolution point,” Clark now argues. And he delivers a strikingly pessimistic assessment of where the Internet will end up without dramatic intervention. “We might just be at the point where the utility of the Internet stalls — and perhaps turns downward.”

Reminded me of what I said in my previous entry altho Clark is much more explicit and direct in claiming “The Internet is Borken”. It is not new…I heard it couple of times from various people, but mostly in whispers along the corridors.

But before you write this off as a yet another crackpot, remember Clark is one of the inventors of the Internet. And I also remember Dave Farber saying something similar during one of our dinner few months ago.

Think about it.

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