What if…

Everyone knows “wireless” has been the catchphrase in this decade – cordless phone, mobile phone, laptops, wifi and moving forward, wimax, uwb, etc etc. Wireless isn’t just a multi-billions dollar industry, it is has also change our way of life.

But I am sure we have friends or families who tell us how they feel giddy near a microwave; Or how they are concerned about turning on their mobile phone near their babies; Or they wont have wifi at home near their kids.

Many of those are urban myth. Power emission on wireless are regulated even in so-called “unregulated” ISM band at a level which is considered safe for human. Some people may be more sensitive but generally it is safe.

But what if urban myth is true? What if wireless is indeed harmful to human except the effects are unnoticable until decades later? I am not a doctor so I don’t claim to know the truth but as a technologist, it is an interesting scenario planning excerise. Ignoring the health disaster at hand, or that you have to forgo your mobile phone and doing wireless surfing, we will have class action suits against the whole wireless industry (handphone manufacturers, wireless operators), angry mobs at government regulators etc etc. It isn’t a pretty picture.

And this is why lawsuits like this scares the hell out of me…

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