September 8th, 2005

Slow blogging week


No, I have not disappear again, just busy week but looks like things are settling down. Anyway, here is a quick update:

1. ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22 Linux Study Group (LSG) held their meeting in Singapore last week. LSG is transposing Linux Standard Base into an ISO standard and this is the final meeting to discuss comments from various members. Given they went through over 300 comments (100 pages) one by one, making sure every comments are addressed and resolved, it is a very slow and boring 2.5 days meeting. But at the end of the day, it is a successful meeting and LSG is moving the amendment documents for final balloting in JTC1. Looks like we will see an ISO standard on Linux fairly soon :-)

2. I was invited to give a talk on spywares at APECTEL this week in Korea but due to some communication break down, I was only informed last week. I am sorry I couldn’t make it :-(

3. ICANN also release their background paper on Global Policy for IPv6. Okay, there isn’t really anything there yet but they compiled many useful links to various RIRs activities on IPv6 so it is a start. More importantly, I recently read Tony Hain’s paper on IPv4 allocation status (to be publish in the next Internet Protocol Journal) and trying to digest the implications. But let me hold my comments until his paper is published.

4. I was also shocked by Hurricane Katrina. Or more accurately, I am shocked at the aftermath of Katrina, first-person stories like this and also this (Video). Something is obviously wrong with US bureaucracy. “Bureaucracy has committed murder” indeed..*sigh*

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