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I am back!

Over a month but I am back. First, I like to thank all those took the time to email me. I appreciate your concerns but I dont wish to discuss the reasons behind my blog intermission. Nevertheless, I hope I will be back on permanent basis.

So what happened in the last month? Lets see, I started a private blog – Its really nice I could say whatever I want but the feeling isn’t quite the same. For one, I am not the kind who hide behind anonymity even if for the most controvisal issues. I always regarded anonymous commenter at best a coward who dont dare to take responsiblity for what he say.I also did a trip to Japan for the TEIN2 project the week before. Looks like Singapore will play an important role in the project with several major links coming through Singapore. I am proud that TEIN2 members has so much confidence in Singapore and SingAREN will do our best to faciliate the project.

On my trip to Japan, I also caught up with Gen Kanai for lunch who informed me of a Japan English bloggers gathering. Unfortunately, I don’t know the scene well enough so I am kind of lost who is who but it was fun and I made some new friends. Thanks!

Last week, I got a very exciting private invitation

mahathir01.jpg  mahathir02.jpg

Okay, politic was never my cup of tea. I dont even recongized who is who in the political arena. But there are two politicians in this part of the world whom I hold in the highest regards: Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore and Mahathir of Malaysia. Despite all the controversies about them, no one can dispute what their contributions and achievements. And I respect them for that.

So when I was given the opportunity to meet Dr. Mahathir, I took an urgent day leave, spending nearly 12 hours on the road from Singapore to Kuala Kumpur just to shake his hand. Yea, I know it sound like a teenager chasing his idol but yea, thats how far I will go to meet the man. And I got more then bargain for ;-)

Someday, I hope to meet the my other idol – Lee Kuan Yew.

Okay, got to go now. Packing my bags for IETF in Paris. See you over there!

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