Random Musing

Dave Farber in Singapore

Just got back from dinner with Dave Farber and his wife GG. They just arrived in Singapore this evening. This is going to be a busy week for Dave, with a live TV interview tomorrow morning (CNA at around 9am) and a public lecture the day after. The registration for the public lecture is still open if you haven’t sign up.

btw, Dave Farber is also known as Grandfather of the Internet because his students all went on to become pioneers (fathers) of Internet. Like former Jon Postel for his work on IETF, ISOC and IANA and Paul Mockapetris for DNS. Even his younger students like Meng Wong (who btw is a Singaporean) is well-known for his work on Antispam. His other Singapore student is now the CTO of Alcatel Singapore.

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