June 9th, 2005

Triple Play Hype


Now with Microsoft announced officially they going into Triple Play (all the while they already in the game) I think the public will starts to hear more about the phrase from now.

I also notice they managed to coin a new term ‘SoIP’ (Service over IP) much like the other term that they are hyping “SOA” (Service Oriented Architecture) all year long. SOA buffled a lot of geeks because it is really more of a marketing message with a little furry technical details. (You have no idea how often I have to explain what is SOA, even to CIOs). So I expect SoIP to go the same way since I don’t really know how you can “pack a service” into a TCP/IP packet, technically speaking. But nevermind that, because the press release is obviously just a marketing hype.

Regardless, I am glad to see more attention on the concept of Triple Play. That’s a game to watch out for.

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