Random Musing

Return of the Bird Bird Chan

Just as I thought I was bored, the old Bird Bird Chan returns to keep me entertained with his usual bad English. Look at the latest comment he left here :-)

i have billgate email if u want . i want to to sue billgate i cant take legal action on him i have i challenge u to ask billgate to sue me u dont know the truth u pls shut up u stupid singaporean usa dog i challenge u to sue me billgate violate international law and melbourne uni also fXck singaporen usa dog u shut up b4 scold me i challenge u to sue me fuck singapore

not sure if he is just insane or just broken English (and I thought my English was bad).

and oh, here is a gem:

i challenge u to sue me my hp 0125053728

(Malaysia so +60125053728)

Sue you? Haha, you not worth my time, little bird. But thanks for the entertainment :-)

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