April 28th, 2005

Growing Pains


tomorrow-banner.pngBlogging has been slow lately – I have too much fun doing Tomorrow.sg. I was involved a little doing mostly the technical infrastructure for Tomorrow and the last few days I have been fighting with a huge load problem.

The server running Tomorrow.sg is being pushed to its limits, thanks to all the traffic on the site. Under normal circumstances, the server could manage the stress, but as there are a couple of other high volume sites (like the Infantile podcast by mrbrown) on the same machine, so together, they can literally kill the machine.

While I’m embrassed that this happened, in certain ways, it is a great problem to have. We are now taking some emergency measure to move this to a dedicated machine.

Altho only a week old, Tomorrow.sg are already pushing several case into limelight, such as the scholar who made some racist remarks that subseqently got reported by MSM (mainstream media). Or the posting that label Singapore’s blogs as Infantile which caused the whole Singapore’s Blogosphere to go up in arms. And today, we got a nice pleasant surprise to see Tomorrow.sg quoted in the papers.

And we are barely a week old :-) It is going to be exciting Tomorrow.

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