SIP is Dead…Huh?

Okay I admit I have been slow in the catching up with my blog last week. Tomorrow.sg is taking quite a bit of time (which btw, is coming along pretty well). But in my semi-absent last week, SIP was declared dead. Huh?

Now, Martin made a lot of good points and I agree with him mostly. And I also agree you cannot argue against numbers – Skype numbers and growth rate are just incredible. We, proponent of Open Standard, can only kick ourselves in the feet that no one build such a user friendly application like Skype on SIP instead. But to claim SIP is dead is pretty far fetching – considering SIP is just starting to take off.

Sure, the numbers aren’t as large as Skype but it is afterall the only Open Standard we have today. And I could not see any other alternatives yet (still watching IAX) at this moment. The bottomline is that even if Skype conquered the market, there is always a place in an Open Standard protocol; There will always be those who want an open platform where you can innovate without a commercial gatekeeper.

Skype could jolly well be the Microsoft for VoIP tomorrow but declaring SIP as dead now is like declaring Open Source is dead. IMHO, the fun haven’t started yet.

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