April 19th, 2005

Back from Road Trip

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Here’s are two stories from our road trip that I am sure mrbrown wouldn’t tell you:

a) We arrived a bit late to the party so the table was almost full when we arrived. As I introduced mrbrown to Joi, there was a soft rambling across the whole table ‘mrbrown..brown..brown..own..owned!’. There is no doubt mrbrown is (in)famous :-)

b) And mrbrown snoores! very loudly. Especially the sudden ‘SNO.ORE!’ he made will cause you scambling and wondering if there is another earthquake in Indonesia or something. :-)

Aside, I have a please to learn that Kenneth Chang started his blog. Kenneth need a bit of introduction here because his blog is pretty new and doesn’t tell you a lot about himself.

A very nice, down-to-earth guy, you would never expect what he does for a living if you meet him :- he handles IT investments for Berjaya Group – yep, the 4B giant owned by Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Vincent Tan which is involved in many business in Malaysia (most people only know Berjaya own numerous resorts and the Malaysia largest shopping mall, Time Square but really, there is more to it).

We need more VCs to blog in Asia – We need our own Mark Cuban and Tim Oren. Most importantly we need VCs who gets the new culture over here!

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