Road Trip

Okay, mrbrown already blogged about it but yea, two of us are doing a road trip to Kuala Lumpur to join Joi’s party tonight. Part of the reason to do this trip is because I been looking forward to meet some Malaysia bloggers (and Joi of cos), and the other part is because mrbrown is acting like a little kid looking forward to meet his idol, Joi – and it would be fun to watch :-)

The bus trip here was a breeze – 4.5hrs and we are right next to KLCC (wow!). But no, that’s too boring for mrbrown so he needs to stir things up, like igniting another round of Singapore-Malaysia fight. Duh. So if our water got threaten to be cut off again, you know who to blame this time.

I think I will stay away from him and pretend I dunno him tonight. Safer that way just in case he going to get mobbed.

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