Skype Kiosk

skype-kiosk.jpgThere are a lot of kiosk around in Japan – you know, the kind where you can pay bills, buy tickets. Most of this kiosk already have Internet connection and usually comes with a handset beside it (so you can pick up the phone and get help).

I suppose it does not take a genius to see how they can turn this setup into a Skype Kiosk. (via James Enck) They are putting this around Hiroshima JR Stations. Cool – got to check it out the next time I am in Japan.

I am curious why they didn’t use Yahoo! BB or something like that instead since it probably make more sense in Japan. My only guess is these Kiosk are not the typical kiosk Japanese used in the convienent store but one targetted at Tourists instead.

Update: Thanks to M.H Blog for pointing out I should not have use the word ‘kiosk’ … it is more really just a terminal. And yes, I am not sure who go to Hiroshima either.

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