Doomdays for VoIP

Advanced IP Pipeline said “Cinderella Story Is Over For VoIP“.

For starters, there’s the revelation from AT&T (reported here by the Newark Star-Ledger) that its massive Olympic promotion of its promotion of its CallVantage VoIP service netted just 53,000 customers — a flop off the balance beam.

Woosh, hold on – CallAdvantage actually targets business, not home consumers. 53k isn’t a lot but not too bad consider their target market segment. Beside, I don’t think they aren’t too far behind their internal projections.

[Incidently, I heard a “story” that most of the users on Vonage are really small businesses rather then home consumers and they are now facing difficulties adding a second line. Anyone knows if this is true?]

Vonage, as our readers well know, seems to find foes in every nook and cranny of the networksphere these days. And the looming decision on Level 3’s forbearance petition (a great explanation of the topic can be found here) may mean more lawsuits, charges and fees sneaking into those all-you-can dial VoIP plans.

Wait, hold on. Vonage has 300k users and you don’t mention it? Instead, you pull the Level 3 forberance petition and the pull out of it on the last minute as a story to tell? Level3 petition is important but perhaps only really within US due to the access charges issues looming within US. The VoIP movements goes on pretty happily in the rest of the world.

Beside, pulling the petition is a smart move: Live to fight another day.

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