Michael Powell Farewell

von-michael-powell.jpgMany stood up and welcome Michael Powell, Chairman of FCC, as he entered the room. He gave an excellent stateman-like speech, a farewell nevertheless. I feel quite sad1 that he is leaving office in the time when the VoIP industry needs a pro-active FCC chairman in these times.

His final remark is that of the 8 years he served in FCC, he is most proud of VoIP. He mentioned about a recent trip to an electronic store and found a new shelf with voip offerings. It is actually pretty profound – you no longer get your voice service from your nearest telecom retail but from an electronic store package in a single box!

This reminded me, here is the new shelf I found in Frys on Sunday which I don’t see a year ago.


This is why I worked so hard for : Someday, I hope to see shops in Sim Lim selling voice service packed in a box too!

1 Why do I care what is happening in FCC? Well, beside being the regulator for the largest economy in the world, they still has a lot of (soft) influence among the regulators in the rest of the world. Many still look towards FCC as a guide.

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