February 26th, 2005

Tokyo Day 6


Woke up late – This means less time for me at Akihabara which is a mistake because PSP is back in stock! I thought, hey, I could pick it up on my way back – duh! By the time I make one round, 4 hours gone and I have to rush off for my next appointment and didn’t have time to pick it up.

Incidently, 4 hours isn’t enough for Akihabara – you need at least 24 hours (or a local guide) to really discover the interesting stuff. But I don’t have that kind of time to spare unfortunately.

Anyway, I was invited by JDNA (Japan Domain Name Association) to come over to Tokyo. JDNA has completes all its goals, and instead of letting it hang around, they decided to do a proper conclusion of the organization and close it officially. So I was asked to help to produce some video clips, sharing about the history of IDN etc. This was done at the new JPRS office, so I am glad to have an excuse to visit :-)

I learnt two things: (1) I sux infront of camera. Give me an audience, I can talk. In front of a camera and no-eye contact to make, I fumbled. I think my last BBC interview also requires several retakes (2) Goto-sensei can really speak very well! In Japanese style (ie, sitting still and no body movement), he did an impromptu talk for nearly 10mins non-stop, one take. I was very impressed!

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