February 16th, 2005

Man don’t get it


I been scretching my head for a while what to get for my wife for Valentine – handphones, PDA, Tiffany – been there done that. Used to send her flowers but that was before the wedding. But when my wife hinted to me she wanted a mini-oven, I thought she was joking. It’s so boring and she could just buy it herself.

But I really run out of idea so heck, why not? So I thought maybe the new kind of microwave oven which can be pre-programmed for all sort of food and perhaps hack to run Linux or something; Nope, she just want a plain oven. Nope, not even one with an electronic clock; just a plain one which uses mechanical clock which you can hear it goes ‘click click click’.

Imaging my surprise when she really love the new oven. Nope, she was never so excited about other gifts her; She really love it.

Looking at some of the comments left there, obviously most man don’t get it. I still don’t.

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