WGIG papers

The Working Group for Internet Governance has just published some working papers (via Adam Peake) on a whole set of issues like IP address & domain names, root servers, peering and interconnection, multilingualization, spam, voip etc etc.

I already taken a quick look at the Multilingualization paper and I am shock! shock shock shock! What a piece of bias BS! Written from a very Korean-centric position where in fact, Korean keyword is an exemption experience then the norm.

The VoIP paper is no much better – totally lack substance. I think we have done a much better job describing the issues facing regulators and consumers on VoIP with our (IDA) consultation paper.

And that comes from the supposingly THE working group for internet governance? I know it is set of draft working papers but still, this level of quality is not acceptable. I have high confidence in them originally (yes, I do!) but now I am not so sure they will produce anything useful other then a lot of noise.

Note: The public feedback period is also very short closing on 11thFeb 2005. And you have submit it via a word document template. Duh.

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