December 3rd, 2004



cape-castle.jpgOne of the “nice thing” been an ICANN regular is you get to travel to all sort of exotic places for ICANN meetings. You also get invitations to castles and palaces hosted by Ministers and Mayors. For example, like having dinner at the Cape Castle, the oldest castle in African continent. Or you can be sitting on top of the mountain (the famous Table Moutain in Cape Town) just thinking about life…(Special thanks to Mao Wei who has kindly invited me to go on the trip with him yesterday ;-)


And lots of fun meeting old friends, making new ones, introducing old & new, making silly jokes like pretending we don’t know each another and getting invitations to Sweden to stay in their farm for as long as we like (thanks Eva & Patrik. My wife would love it!).

Or doing crazy things like doing bar hopping with friends (Joi, Desiree, Roberto, Edward, etc) until wee hours when you have 7:30am breakfast meeting.

ps: Speaking of which, I think I introduced Joi to almost all the key people in AP region. Even without my help, I think he is getting along very well. I look forward to him doing great things for ICANN :-)

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