Interesting Stuff in Korea

Okay, the flight is further delayed so I have a bit more time. I also realized the last few entries has been pretty boring (except for my wife and my boss who needs to keep track where I am :-) so let me talk about some of the interesting things I saw this trip.

1. KIST developed K*GRID, a GRID middleware which builds ontop of Globus Toolkit and fill up a lot of gaps in the toolkit, including resource broker, accounting and also a nice portal to do admin interface.

2. NIDA has an interesting project called MDS (Multi-code Directory Service), a RFID middleware. Based on EPC-ONS, you can register multiple RFID code (such as EPC, ucode or ISO) to the MDS with the relevant Web Services (prob based on EPC-IS) you want to provide to others (e.g. product info). As part of the trial, they also developed an Object Tracking Service (OTS) which will provide track-and-track for RFID-tag items.

3. NIDA has also launched IPv6 resolution for .kr but the statistic is pretty insignifcant right now. Nevertheless, at least you can do IPv6 resolution on .kr, which is a first step :-) Compare to Japan, ya, late but still early compared to many other countries (including SG)

4. LG has a booth reselling Hitachi IPv6 routers. One of them is targetted at SOHO which is a dual stack (v4/v6) gateway but also comes with 6to4 support. Sure, I can hack my FreeBSD to do the same thing but it is still pretty cool.

5. TTA, the telecom industry standard association in Korea, mention two technologies which they are focusing on: WiBro (aka WiMax) and DVB. Triple play is coming over wireless coming near you :-)

And yes, the new tagline is “u-Korea with IT839” so IT839 is still the talk of the town here.

Update: One of the noticable missing technology is actually VoIP. And despite having the highest pentration of broadband in the world, VoIP is surprising missing in their telco strategy and no CLEC is coming forward either. Altho there is a VoIP Forum, the only IP Telephony I heard is some whispering of some trial.

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