Can Asians Think?


Can Asians Think? by Kishore Mahbubani

Kishore wrote this book when he is serving as Singapore ambassador to United Nation. While it is a bit outdated, it is an incredible book on the subtle political in the foreign policies within Asia and with the West.

For example, how (nuclear) energy plays an important political balance between Russia, China, Korea and Japan. In a way, it explains a lot of questions I have on the ACT Seminar I was invited to attend last year :- of why it is a seminar on energy and infocomm hosted by the Prime Minister Kozumi, grace by Economic Minister Takenaka, keynote by Russian Energy Minister was held (infocomm was obviously not the focus of the conference); of why the only Korean representive is a Korean businessman from United State;

And I quote: An imperfect government that commits some human rights violations is better then no government, in many societies, which is profoundly relevant wrt the situation in Iraq…

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