September 30th, 2004

Evangelist CEO


One of the important skill CEO must have is the ability to talk. Not just normal talk but one that is passionate, powerful, slick and smooth: whether to motivate your staff, paint your vision to the customer or sell your company to the investors.

Put him on the stage and he can just go on and on about how great his company is. Doesn’t matter if he missed a little fact here or there, or that sometimes the stories jump around disconnected. But listening to them, all seem so clear and conviencing even as your brain tells you ‘it does not make sense!’.

It is rare indeed to find a CEO who can make that human connection with his audience and all the great CEO’s I know seem to have this ability. And this morning, I met a master: Alex Lightman, CEO of Charmed, evangelist-extraordinary for 4G, IPv6 and Visualization.

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