The Maverick & The Elegant Universe

the-maverick-and-his-machine.jpg   the-elegant-universe.jpg

The Maverick and His Machine by Kevin Maney

The Elegant Universe by Brian Greene

Bought these two books before dinner just after golf (Gosh, I havent play Golf for 7 months now..I am surprise I can still hit the ball! :-)

The Maverick is a book about Thomas Waston (Sr) and how he remake IBM. Thomas is well-known for not just encouraging mavericks (aka “birds who refuse to fly in line”) but also promote and use them well during his time. Those days (not-so-co-incidently) also happened to be the brightest days of IBM.

The Elegant Universe is a layman book on T.O.E (The Theory of Everything) aka Superstring Theory. I would have become a Physicist if computer hasn’t been invented.

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