September 10th, 2004

Seoul Day 3 – Korea IT 8-3-9 Strategy

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I arrived in Seoul last night and catch dinner with dda. Ah, Korean BBQ, how I missed it! Then we went over to Bar 66 for beer with Anthony (the Strategic Director of Lucent whom I met on plane on the way here). Great fun and dda, thanks for putting up with me at your place :-)

I just finish lunch with Shin1 from National Internet Developmet Agency (NIDA), formerly known as KRNIC. Apparently, NIDA is now a government organization under Ministry of Information and Communication (MIC) and I’m writing this from NIDA office :-)

korea-it-839.gifShin also gave me this interesting booklet published by MIC on their IT 8-3-9 Strategy (The Road to $20,000 GDP/capita), a brainchild of their IT Minister Daeje Chin (formerly VP of Samsung).

Basically, IT 8-3-9 Strategy involves:(1) Introducing and promoting Eight Services: WiBro (Wireless Broadband), DBM, Home Network Services, Telemantics Services, RFID-based Services, W-CDMA Services, Terrestrial D-TV Services and IP Telephony Services;

(2) Building Three Infrastructure: BcN (Broadband Convergence Network), U-Sensor Network and NGN Protocol (IPv6);

(3) and Development of Nine IT New Growth Engines: NG Mobile Communication, Digital TV, Home Network, IT SoC (System-on-Chip), Next-Generation PC, Embedded Software, Digital Contents, Telematics and Intelligent Service Robot.

Interesting stuff…

1 Shin is one of the vice-chair for APEET. He has a blog site but it is in Korean, somewhere in…Almost every netizen in Korea has a blog on :P

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