September 8th, 2004

Busan Day 1 – OECD Antispam Toolkit

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OCED Antispam Workshop is a suit and tie conference, something I am not very used to. Luckily, knowing Korea, I packed my suit with me so I dont look so out of place this time round.

The main discussion on Day 1 revolves around an “OCED Antispam Toolkit”. But don’t think of it as a technology thingie but more like a ‘toolbox’. Basically, it is a document that integrates the multi-layer elements into a coordinated whole. In layman terms, it provides information and practical guidance for a ‘government/regulator’ who wish to tackle spams, ranging from legistration, consumer education/awareness, industry self-regulation, industry participations and international cooperations. (Does this sound like Singapore Multiprong Antispam effort? :-)

Sadly, it is still a work in process so no draft of the document was circulated…

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