September 5th, 2004

Gunbound and Singlish


Okay, I am hooked on Gunbound. It is a cute game with anime-like avatars and play very much like Worms. Best of all, it is free and each game don’t take too much time (5-10mins each). Very suitable for busy gamer like myself.

Oh, I also found this interesting comics series based on Gunbound (by a guy in China).


Speaking of Singlish, it is one of the unique identity of Singaporean. Whenever I am overseas, I can always tell if someone is from Singapore. It is also one of the most prominent feature of Singaporean especially to a non-Singaporean. I have endless of overseas friends (be it from America or Korea) who is fancinated by it and constantly bugging me for Singlish dictionary or giving them lessons on Singlish.Unfortunately, Singlish isnt really a language you can do business with (altho we do use them in offices here). So I don’t normally use Singlish when I am with my non-Singapore friends but unconsciously I would fall back to Singlish when I speak someone from Singapore. That’s why we have Speak Good English campaign here. But I never figure out why we should be killing the only culture identity Singaporean has.

Especially, I find (non-SG) girls find its very cute and funny when I speak like ‘You know hor, lets go makan at that place okie? I hear bery good one!’ But you can roughly make out what I just said if you understand ‘makan’ = eat so it is pretty mild compared to some of the more hardcore Singlish used by youngster.

well today got eng prelim~!!! as usual i’m late again!!!! hehe.. but dis time cannot fully blame me man!! got sum crazii traffic jam out there!! was stuck at chestnut grive there fer lyk 20 mins!! so juz slack in bus la

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