September 3rd, 2004

Drupal 4 Blogger v0.11

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Just release Drupal for Bloggers V0.11. One of the new feature in this release is an inclusion of a greylisting (administer->comments->black/white list).

The story behind this is there is this spammer (by the name of Chan Keng Yik1) who google for ‘Bill Gates’ and somehow found one of my old blog entry. Initially, he just spam the entry which I zapped. But somehow, the idiot actually thought that this is actually Gates’ blog and started visiting that entry daily and posting silly craps, e.g. anti-MS, pro-Linux2, taunting Gates and stupid stuff like how he wants to migrate to Australia in extremely bad English.

Well, I could blacklist his IP at my website and be done with it. But he is a dial-up user from one of the Malaysia ISPs, I have to blacklist the entire ISP if I want to block him out which is obviously not an acceptable solution.

And thats how greylisting idea is borned. Instead of outright banning, comments from blacklisted IPs will be put onto moderated queue. So he can continue to post his craps to that entry which don’t get publish. The downside is that any comments from Malaysia would be on the moderation queue until I okay them…not a big problem.

After a week of posting and not getting thru, he finally gave up. *phew*

1 I didnt put up any link to him so he wont get any google juice from me. But you can easily google Chan Keng Yik (from Taiping/Malaysia) if you are interested.

2 If the stupid “bird” (as he called himself) actually reads my blog, he would have realize I am an OSS supporter altho I wouldn’t call myself an anti-MS. (And why should these two position be mutually exclusive?)[Update 04Sept]: Apparently, he haven’t give up yet…just not daily anymore. Here is an example of the gem he posted this morning:

can u sponsor me 1 million us dollar to fullfil my dream and promise to stacy deppler i am not financial independent who dont want to married her the problems is my parent not support me they thought i fooling around in oz and i have no money how to fufll my promise to married her after so many yr i thought is ok to married celline since i thought christian already forget i swear to god and lord jesus christ thats y i married celline and i told my self once i married i will not divorce just forget what i said

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