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Ericsson closing down THE Bluetooth unit

Does this means the Bluetooth is dying? (via isen.blog)

Ericsson is pulling the plug on its technology licensing unit, the wholly-owned subsidiary which invented Bluetooth wireless technology and became the driving force behind the company’s Bluetooth initiative.

Or does that means they give up collecting royalty for Bluetooth and therefore, drive more adoption of Bluetooth?

I think we haven’t see end of Bluetooth yet. It might just be that Ericsson realized it does not makes enough money on quarter of a penny royalty. On the other hand, Bluetooth does has its limitation, particularly speed. As an RS232/IR replacement, it is probably suffice but not good enough.

I remember I was on a panel with Vint Cerf last month when he rumbled the difficulty of shuffling our video cable among us. I responsed him with a single word: Ultra-Wide Band. At 400mbps wireless means it is capable of replacing even our DVI cable.

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