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Sunday Times have an interview with the famous (notorious?) Singapore blogger xiaxue. Yes, I don’t just read technology related blogs like Joi Ito, John Patrick or Dan Gillmor. I also read foul-mouthed 20 year old girl who constantly bitch about her life.

Speaking of my blogrolls, another worthy of mention is Mr Brown (blogger turn journalist) who started blogging in 1997, before the word “blogging” is invented. His work of fame is the Singapore National Education, a series of political satire “documenting the dysfunctional side of Singapore life”.It is not easy to maintain political satire1 in Singapore with all the fuzzy OB (Out-of-Bound) line. Nevertheless, it is important for Singaporean to learn to laugh at ourselves2. I remember watching a documentary (during my trip in Brunei) of Datuk Lat, a famous Malaysian cartoonist who spend years before his political satire cartoon was allowed to be published. He has since went on to do great things for the Malaysia society.

I also read blog of friends (including my wife of cos). It is a way I keep in touch even when I am travelling. I wish more of them would start blogging. But above all, I enjoy reading blog like dandruff, who can make little things in life so poetic. It’s a reminder that the world is a wonderful place.


1 well, I cant write any political related anyway since I am a semi-civil servant. So you won’t find me doing any political commentaries, especially not during election year. ;-)

2 A mature society is one which can takes criticism in any form, constructive or funny ;-) Otherwise, the pin-up frustration may results in more vicious attacks2 (btw, as a dutiful employee of the Singapore government, I disagree with many of the vicious criticisms without considering the other side of the story)

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