Drupal 4 Bloggers

Drupal for Bloggers v0.9

Having some time today, I done some hacking on Drupal for Bloggers today and release v0.9. Foremost, I ported my popular MT Security Code (CAPTCHA) plugin to D4B.

CATPCHA which stands for ‘Completely Automated Public Turning test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart’ can be enabled to prevent bots from spamming comments. When posting comments, Users would be shown a graphic image with some text which they will have to entered manually. While it is an effectively way to stop bots, it is critizes for been unfriendly to the visual handicaps. CAPTCHA requires PHP to be compiled with GD support.

You can enable CAPTCHA for anonymous users or for all users. ;-)

This version also have several new features requested by D4B users such as (a) displaying the image while managing uploaded files (b) remember anonymous user contact info (c) atom support (altho not enabled by default). It also have several important bugfixes, particularly on RSS and subscriptions’ emails.

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