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Apple WWDC

ichatav-conference.jpgI am here at the Apple WWDC 2004 in San Francisco. The stuffs Steve Jobs revealed are amazing: from 30inch Apple display (drool) to multiparty video conference in OS X 10.4 Tiger using H.264 codec. Tiger also feature stuff like integrated Search in the file system which makes Sherlock like childplay and cool stuff like Dashboard (suspiciously like Konfabulator). And finally, RSS comes to Safari, altho I am a bit disappointed they didn’t integrate it with instead.

Some of the developer tools available are really cool, including iSync SDK (finally!) and I can see Automator been a useful tool. CoreImage and CoreMovie are breath-taking, and it is difficult to explain them without a live demo. Put it this way, imaging watching a video clip, and then you can apply effect, like enhance edge and gaussian blur, and see it been rendered in real time.

I lost count how many times my jaw dropped…Just a couple of days ago I told my friend that I probably won’t upgrade to Tiger since I am very happy with my Panther but after today, I am going to install the Tiger the first thing I reach home! (Some of the folks here already installed Tiger :-)

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