June 22nd, 2004

Driving in US


Just arrived in SFO after nearly 20hours of flight *phew* It been over a year since I come to US and I really missed here, especially the Bay Area.

For one, US is the one of the few countries I can pick up a rental car and drive around. I don’t do that in Europe and certainly not most part of Asia (Are you nuts!? Have you seen how they drive in Taiwan or Thailand?)

Second, the roads are wide and easy to drive. I really missed driving on 101 (Okay, not during the peak hours). In Singapore, we dont have such nice long stretch of road where you can speed down at 80mph.

Third, I always get a car with GPS. It is a god-sent! While it is not as impressive as some of the GPS I seen in Japan, the ones provided by Hertz are really cool! You know, it will give voice instructions like “Right turn in 0.5 miles” or “Keep to the left for 3miles”. (See, I even remembers the exact words :-)

And this time, it is especially nice! Because they ran out of a GPS car that I reserved, I flip out my Hertz Gold Card and the nice lady said ‘Okay sire, the only GPS car we have left is the Jaguar.” :-)

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