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LinuxWorld Singapore

Today is the first day of LinuxWorld Singapore which I am chairing. Actually my chair job is pretty simple: introduce speakers, keeping time, doing housekeeping announcement, ask some questions (if there is none which is very likely) and probably entertain the audiences if we have some delay here and there. Not really a joker myself, I think I pretty screw up the last part :P I guess my “Chairman” badge could be replace with “High-level MC” and no one will notice any difference.

We got some pretty interesting speakers today like Rusty Russel of iptables & kernel module loader fame. Highlight of the day is Looking Glass demo by Terrence Ng from SUN which really dazzle the audiences with its effect (yo yo…I seen it so many times now! Can we download it now…please?)

Anyway, the summary is (1) Less people are asking questions compared to 18months ago and more real deployment (2) Total market size is still small (10%) but growth rate is huge (25-30% compound) (3) Lots of improvement on the kernel to make it more reliable and scalable (4) Many of middleware and application developers are making Linux as their platform.

The pleasant surprise was the number of hands raised (more then 80% of the room) when Steven Tan asked how many people are thinking of adopting or migrating to Linux. :-)

ps: Oh yea, Drupal 4 Bloggers is still alive. I just send in my patches to the patch queue for Drupal 4.5 on sat and also just uploaded upload.module and blogadmin.module to the contributions directory. Morbus iff is also working on a migration tool from MT which would really save a lot of my time ;-)

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