April 7th, 2004


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I have a very interesting dinner last night with Michael Robertson and Jeff Bonforte, CEO and President of SIPPhone.com respectively. Most people will know Michael as the founder of MP3.com and Lindows. They are in town for their big announcement with Singtel. (Yes, 1-747-xxx-xxxx will be routed from Singapore soon :-)

It is a social dinner hosted by Richard Tan (Singtel) and we talk about life, travel, lobsters, basketballs and kids1. Of course, we also talk about cool SIP gadgets and ENUM. :-)
Speaking of which, I just completed a series of ENUM test call (over SIP of cos) with Carstein Schiefner (Germany), Alexander Mayrhofer (Austria) and Leif Johanson (Sweden). I dial them using their ENUM numbers2 and the voice quality has been incredible!

But Leif seem to have some problem calling me tho. It seem that SNOM phone (Leif) send out some strings that my WiSIP phone dont really like. Hmm…

Nevertheless, I am really excited about the merger of SIP and ENUM. It is closer and closer to replacing PSTN. Yeppie!

1 Michael, thanks for all the advises for a father of 6 weeks.

2 I started a ENUM Addressbook on my Wiki. These are the numbers you can try calling (my ENUM # there too) and if you have ENUM # of your own, please scribe it on too!

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