April 4th, 2004



I really really wish I am now at WTF2004, a gathering of S.M.A.R.T people. I am missing out all the fun :-(

But in anycase, I participated virtually and have tuned in a few session tonight. The audio keep breaking up but I managed to get some piece of it here.

Of interest is Eli Noam arguing that Information Industry is essentially an unstable industry! Wow…

My first reaction is totally denial…how can it be!? But as I think about it, perhaps it has some valid arguments that need to investigate further.

Take the airline industry as an example. On the whole, investors who pours in money into the industry have yet to make any money, despite over one hundreds years of inventions and innovations. As such, it is an unstable industry. And if we take the analogy that the next generation network is like the railway or airline…then there might be true afterall.


ps: I will try to stay awake as long as I can … but it is kind of difficult considering we have a 12 hours timezone differences.

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