April 1st, 2004



I have a long breakfast with Patrick Gannon, CEO of OASIS regarding the progress made by the FWSI TC or Framework for Web Services Implementation1 Technical Committee.

Both of us are have high hopes for TC. You see, if WS is to be the become the infrastructure-platform where machine-to-machine communicates to each another, then what it also need are common APIs or building blocks where programmers can utilizes without replicating for each application. A simple anlogy is if WS is the network-OS, then FWSI is the libc/POSIX.Unfortunately, there are many confusions about FWSI, particularly with Web Services Interoperability. They are different (in the end-goal) although they may have similar acromyns and similar approach in looking for a solution.

1 FWSI is co-chair by one of my staff, Roberto Pascual. It was launch last year.

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