Random Musing

Isn’t it ironical?

A friend come up to me last night and asked me why I am against the .ASIA TLD bid. “You are a public figure now! You can’t go around saying things like this!”, he said. Me, a public figure? Haha…and I thought I am just another engineer-geek in the AP community.

But isn’t it ironical that a public figure means losing your freedom of speech? I remember saying something similar in the ICANN General Assembly mailing list.

I give my thanks to God every night for this GA list, which gives birth to a handful of entertaining folks who never failed to share their blizzard concept of how the world should be on wide ranging topics. And the topic of the day is “Freedom of Speech” (except when you are an ICANN director, thank god I am not). Amazing is it?
(edited for grammer mistakes)

Why do you have to loose your freedom of speech because you are an office bearer? And does that means I have to stop blogging? Haha…

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