Day 2 in Kuala Lumpur

The funs begin today with friends started to arrive and doing the usual “Hey hi!”, “When you arrived?”, “How’s your flight” etc etc. I am also getting a lot of “Oh, how’s your baby?” :-) Spend the morning at a ad-hoc session called by Kilnam on “Native Names” which is kind of related to IDN but not really. And they really scared me when they asked me to “help out” in the effort…No, not that I don’t like the idea. But after 3 years of doing IDN, I know exactly how much resource it involve and I don’t think I have the time nor the financial resource to see this through as a volunteer.After lunch, I attended the APNG chaired by Tommy. I gave a brief introduction on blogging (yep!) and did a little demostration on the power of blogs. The responses are very encouraging and APNG will proceed to turn its site into a blog and will brainstorm further what else it can do with blog at the next meeting :-)

Dinner is with the usual group of folks kindly hosted by APNG, with the usual folks…Kilnam Chon, Vincent Chen, Paul Wilson, Tommy Matsumoto, Hiro Hotta and Che-Hoo. Sitting there, I recalled how I would shiver at the thought of meeting up with them being a new-kid-on-the-block (I still am, compared to them) given they are who’s who in the Internet arena in the Asia Pacific region. And how I much I have grow up over these years…

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