February 11th, 2004

Blogging on the Train

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I been taking the train to work lately. Standing in the train and typing this in my Zaurus, I begin to wonder how long will it take for the Internet to be really perversive.

I mean, the technologies are already here. We have Wifi (802.11), 802.16, 3G etc. But getting companies to invest and deploy these infrastructure is still a problem. Getting such services to the consumers at an affordable price is a bigger one.Looking at the situation in Singapore, it is unlikely that the train company will deploy Wifi in the next two years. And while 3G is going to be launch soon, it is also going to be a while before it is reasonable priced.

I guess it would take a few more years before I can do my blogging on the train. *sigh*

ps: Come to think about it, I never feel a need to be connected to the Internet in the train until I started blogging…hmm…

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