January 28th, 2004

More on outsourcing


living-on-the-fault-line.gifWired ran another article on the outsourcing to India trend. I got a mixed feeling of between been proud to sad for the situation as the article confirmed the predictions i made last year on outsourcing.

But there are many lessons to learn from the article, like the one comparing the introduction of computers in the 50s which started to threaten jobs, then as it enhance productivities, workers ‘evolve’ and start using it as a tool. This validated my thinking that programmers need to move up the value chain.

Coincidently, I found some time yesterday to read Living on the Fault Line which I bought last year. Surprise, surprise, the first few chapters talks about the concept of “core” vs “context” work, and how “core” work will move to become “context” over time. Most important, why companies should outsource their “context” work as soon as possible. I am going to enjoy the rest of the book…

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