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I haven’t been blogging because I have been spending almost all my free time working on a Distributed Address Book List (DABL) which I called PonG. (Download)

PonG is a tool which allows you and your friends to keep up-to-date (contact) information of each another.

PonG package includes a PonG server and a PonG client.

You keep your personal profile information on your PonG server and define which friends can access what information.

Your friends will use their PonG clients to communicate with your PonG server and keep their address book up-to-date.

If you try this software, would appreciate if you leave a comment or a trackback.

Incidently, my PonG URL If you want a customized userid/passwd, drop me an email. (Use PonG client to get my email). (I know we need autodiscovery…that will be in the next version, I promise)

Suggestions and Feedbacks are welcome.

* DABL is coined by Ross M Karchner after brainstorm session on #joiito.

* Update 4th Dec : Just release version 1.0 which includes a varity of performance improvement and features. See Changelog for more details.

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