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The future for television show

I just have a discussion with Grant Henninger on using RSS feed on #joiito.

<jseng> Grant: what we need is TV station providing RSS feed (channel) of their tv shows. Viewers will subscribe to the RSS feeds and then download the tv shows they want to watch.

<Grant> jseng: i had a post that said almost that very thing a few months ago.

<jseng> Grant: cool :-) not difficult to hack bittorrent with RSS.

<Grant> jseng: my BT downloader program supports rss feeds, i just dont quite know how it works or where to find rss feeds for shows.

<jseng> Grant: that would be an interesting business proposition for some entreprenaurs right?

My views? Converged Network: RSS & P2P Content Distribution is Television as SIP & ENUM is to Telephony.

The future is already here (We just need to make it simple enough for mass market :-)

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