The future of TV

A joke was posted on Slashdot today titled What Should I Do If the Internet Goes Down?. One paragraph caught my attention.

Televisions, strange boxes that sit in your parents’ living rooms, were once used to provide entertainment, long before DVDs and Playstations were invented. Televisions have the capability of broadcasting streaming information similar to the content on multimedia websites. With a “remote control,” a wireless device that is like a small one-handed keyboard, you may be able to surf a limited number of “channels,” while you deal with the loss of your connection. Unfortunately, television is only a one-way media.

Is this funny or an indication of the future to come? As expected of any incumberant, the first response from most TV station is denial.

I wonder if these TV executives actually spend time with their kids. If they do, they don’t need Nielsen to tell them the obvious.

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