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Day 2 in Korea

Catch up with many people today and really glad I can make it. APSTAR Retreat was really interesting especially the discussion of IP Telephony presentations from Japan, Korea and Thailand.

When MPHPT agrees to open 050-XXXX-XXXX for IP Telephony for at least Class C licensee last year, that was a bold step. By the end of 2002, they have 2.27M IP telephony subscribers by and it is projected to increase to 22.73M by 2007! That is 60% compounded growth year to year.

Korea (KISDI) was particually candid that all new technologies goes through a few phase: (1) Denial (2) Delay (3) De-credit (4) Acceptence (5) Promotion. And Korea is probably in stage 3-4 in IP Telephony.

The other interesting topic is the discussion of Internet History Museum. Boy, folks here goes back to 1960s … which reminded how young and how small I am. I have a long way to go…

I also made an appeal to the AP leaders to make sure IETF Seoul next year would be a success or else it would be difficult for IETF management to hold more of the meetings outside US. Harald’s target is to get >1700 people to IETF Seoul…hopefully that would not hurt APRICOT 2004 which is held one week before IETF Seoul…

Lunch with Tommi Matsutomo (President for AT&T Japan) which we always do whenever we meet in these conferences. Tommi is going to chair the APNG for the next two years and asked me to join the APNG board.

Dinner with APNG Camp folks and glad to see so many young people participating in AP events. Wish I could bring more Singaporean to APNG.

And yes, I finally have Korean food in Korea :-)

Day 2 in Korea: Meeting 2, Presentation 2, Sightseeing? 0.

[Yes, yes yes. I know the hotel is just beside the most beautiful beach in Korea. I can see that from my room. But sand, sorry, havent touch it yet]

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