August 7th, 2003

Microsoft IPv6


Found a big problem with Microsoft IPv6 implementation.

Suppose you install IPv6 stack on your XP (type “ipv6 install” on your command prompt), MS will attempt to use Terado to connect your machine to 6bone. Because Terado dont work with the NAT, it will fall back and allocated a link-local fe80:: address.

This shouldnt be a problem unless of course the machine you want to connect is on dual IPv4, IPv6 stack (e.g. In this case, your machine will (sometimes) attempt to communicate using IPv6 because it thinks it has a IPv6 address…but it doesn’t…it only has a link-local address which is not connected to the 6bone.

So after you installed the v6 stack on XP and unable to connect to 6bone for any reasons, you would also lost your ability to talk to any of the dual stack site, even though you can reach them via v4.

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