December 31st, 2003

FCC Chairman on Internet Telephony

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Mercury News ran a story on Michael Powell field trip to the Sillicon Valley (via Jeff Pulver).

“Now to be a phone company, you don’t have to weave tightly the voice service into the infrastructure. You can ride it on top of the infrastructure. So if you’re a Vonage, you own no infrastructure. You own no trucks. You roll to no one’s house. They turn voice into a application and shoot it across one of these platforms. And, suddenly, you’re in your business. And that’s why if you’re the music industry, you’re scared. And if you’re the television studio, movie industry, you’re scared. And if you’re an incumbent infrastructure carrier, you’d better be scared. Because this application separation is the most important paradigm shift in the history of communications, and will change things forever. . . . I have no problem if a big and venerable company no longer exists tomorrow, as long as that value is transferred somewhere else in the economy.”

November 18th, 2003

Geoff Huston on ENUM

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Geoff Hudston wrote an article for ISP Column on ENUM called “Lord of the Numbers“, one of the best introduction to ENUM I have seen so far.

Incidently, Geoff said this in his article:

Interestingly enough a close inspection of your local table of international dialing codes and a close inspection of the E.164 registry will reveal that there’s at least one location that is listed as an international dialling code, yet has no matching entry in the E.164 registry. Does this entity get an ENUM delegation in the same way that it already has a delegated top level DNS country code domain? Or does its absence in the E.164 registry imply an absence in the ENUM space as well?

I am not sure why he made this sound so crytic but perhaps this involves Taiwan. You see, Taiwan international dialing code is +886 which (not) surprisingly is not in the E.164 registry (+886 is marked “reserved”).
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November 1st, 2003


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There are many countries who have been experimenting with ENUM/SIP. At least I know the folks in China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Australia, Sweden, Austria (etc etc) who are experimenting with ENUM/SIP.

I met up with Yoneya a couple of days ago in Japan. So after seeing some of the JPRS work on ENUM, I suggested we should hold a BoF (Birds of the Feathers) at APRICOT2004 on ENUM/SIP. I believe there is value for an information sharing among the AP regions on our ENUM/SIP activities and also discuss how we can collobrate on our trials.

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