Open Source

FOSS Primers by APDIP

e-Primer on Free/Open Source Software: Network Infrastructure and Security authored by a friend of mine Gaurab Raj Upadhaya. Working via information networks such as the Internet, intranet and LANs has increased the possibilities of communicating with a wide range of individuals and communities across long distances. The free and open source software (FOSS) movement is […]

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Open Source Travel

Fun with Panorama

Took some photos of Louvre Museum and had some fun making paronomic view of it, using Open Source Software of course! Tools used (1) Hugin to align the photos and (2) Enblend to stitch the align photos together and optionally (3) Autopan-SIFT to generate control points for Hugin. Bob Park has an excellent instruction on […]

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Open Source Technology

More on Software Patents

Remember my rant about Software Patent few months back? Dealing with ‘non-bogus’ patent are tough, especially if it is held by non-OSS-friendly company, like Microsoft. (Microsoft have huge patent portfolios btw, but so far, they have not use it aggressive against competition yet). This is where we need a ‘Cold War’ in software patents – […]

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