June 8th, 2018

Why Chinese “lies” …


October 11th, 2015

What is “China’s Citizen Scores”?


By now, many people have heard of the implementation of China’s “Citizen Scores” that has been making rounds. I become curious and did some investigation of my own.

As a boy scout as a kid, we used to play a game around campfire. The adult would form two teams and make two lines with 10 kids. He would the whisper the same exact message to first kid of the two teams, whereby they would repeat it to the next kid and so on until the last kid have to write the message down on paper. We always have a good laugh what comes out at the end compared to what went in.

“Citizen Score” is what happens when official news gets reposted, added with the journalist opinions, mixed in some new information (relevant or not), and repeated the process 10 times. To make it worst, most journalists in the process didn’t bother to, or was not able to do fact checking as the source is in Chinese.

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June 2nd, 2015

What’s going on in China domain name industy?

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Recently, there have been a lot of noise about China tightening control on new top levels and how it could severely damper domain names registrations in China and one should make preparation for the worst.

Initially, I tried to stay out of this as I know all the players behind this. But given there are at least 3 people who have email me to ask me what’s going on, I think let me clear the air here.

It started with a report by Brandma on China’s “Special Operation” to regulate Domain Name Registrations which warns that “Getting the license requires understanding on how the regulatory system works and how one should respond as it evolves. It’s also like a mini ICANN application process, but this time in Mandarin.”

Contrary to these “doomsayer” report, there is really no need to panic.

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October 15th, 2014


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August 1st, 2013

China’s Category of Telecommunications Services

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This morning I read a catchy titled article on CircleID “China Closing the Door to New Technologies”. I was trying to make sense of what’s all the fuss is about …

So I called up my friends in Ministry of Industry and Information for lunch to find out what’s going.


The document is called 电信业务分类目录 (Category of Telecommunications Services) that is now calling for public comments. This has been something MIIT have been working on for a quite some time now. Many companies, domestic and international companies, have been consulted and provided feedback before this publication.

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March 18th, 2013



Via 玖零张艳帅

台北有一位建筑商,年轻时就以精明著称于业内。那时的他,虽然颇具商业头脑,做事也成熟干练,但摸爬滚打许多 年,事业不仅没有起色,最后还以破产告终。在那段失落而迷茫的日子里,他不断地反思自己失败的原因,想破脑壳 也找寻不到答案。论才智,论勤奋,论计谋,他都不逊于别人,为什么有人成功了,而他离成功越来越远呢?



有很多记者追问他东山再起的秘诀,他只透露四个字:只拿六分。又过了几年,他的资产如滚雪般越来越大,达到 一百亿元。有一次,他来到大学演讲,期间不断有学生提问,问他从一万元变成一百亿元到底有何秘诀。他笑着回答,因为我一直坚持少拿两分。学生们听得如坠云里雾里。

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March 14th, 2005

Mobile Dating Sim

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Looks like Mobile Dating Sim has reached in China (via xinhuanet)


Mobile Games like 口袋情人 [Pocket Lover] (typical Japanese dating Sim) and SMS Games like 宠物情人 [Pet Lover] is getting popular in China and experts are concern about the social effects of such games on youngsters.

These games don’t come cheap either – the virtual “lover” requires gifts which cost real money – US$0.50 to US$2 – beyond the monthly subscription fees. Wow, talks about ARPU :-)

February 26th, 2005

Web musician


While many heard of Maria Schneider who produced the web-only album that won the Grammy, very few people (or at least outside the Chinese community) heard of 杨臣刚 (Yang Chen Gang).

Yang Chen Gang produced a web-only Chinese album called 老鼠爱大米1 (click here to listen) which is incredibly popular in China , thanks to 网络DJ (Web-DJ). In fact, he was just recently invited to (China) National TV, which is an incredible feat.

Don’t believe? Grab a friend from China and ask if he/she have heard of Yang Chen Gang. They would be very surprised that you know the name. [Or do a search on Baidu, the Google for China.]

I also learn yesterday that China Internet Users has grown to 94m (~10% of the world internet population) according to Mao Wei. I think I can trust Mao since he is the Executive Director of CNNIC who is responsible for collecting these statistics annually. That’s means there is a world of 94m chinese Internet users which the rest of the English-speaking Internet world have little knowledge and interaction with.

It’s like you have a 10% blackhole in your system.

1 The literal translation is “Mouse love Big Rice” which is very cute.