July 16th, 2010



I have been trying to keep a low profile since coming to China. In my early years in China, a 老前辈 had advised me that if I want to be successful in China, I must learn to 低调做人,高调做事.

Anyway, to cut the long story short, I finally bent and accepted my first Chinese (video) interview, on the request of an old friend. I spend a morning at 光明网 a couple of days ago and did an hour long video interview. We spoke on many things and I don’t think I can remember every detail. Neither have they release the video yet.

But I was quite surprised when they picked one of the things I said and put out as a news report. And more surprisingly, that is also picked up by others and now making rounds in Chinese news wire. I didn’t know about it until friend emailed me.

Anyway, the news is about that the IDN ccTLD for China “.中国” is now activated in the root and therefore fully functional. The only mistake is that the article said it happens on 12th July when actually this was done on 9th July.

I didn’t know if the mistake is mine (I think so) so I have to wait for them to release the edited video interview.

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