September 7th, 2004

Arrived in Busanِ


Sitting beside me on the flight to Korea is Anthony Houlahan, the new Strategic Director for Lucent, who is also coming to Busan for the ITU Telecom Asia. We almost unable to come to Busan because Busan airport was shutdown due to typhoon but they reopened the airport just before our flight *phew*.

Anyway, just checked into Grand Hotel Haeundae who gave me a traditional Korean “Ondol” room. Very traditional, because the room is pretty much empty: no beds, no chairs and just one low table and some deco on the side. Yes, I have to make my lay out my own “futon” to sleep on. :-) Very cool design and I wish I have a camera with me!

But the coolness factor soon become irriating because there is no broadband in the “traditional room”. Gosh, I am in Korea which has the highest pentration of broadband in the world and I got no broadband! I end up having to dialup (at 28.8kbps no less!) do check my emails. Argghh!

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